Trusts, Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Whitehead Law‘s Estates Planning & Trust¬† Practice is highly focused, concentrating on estate planning, probate, trust law, and estate taxation.

Sound Estate Planning Solutions

Depending on each client’s unique circumstances, we can limit our advice to a single issue, or provide counsel on a wide range of personal or family objectives and how best to achieve them.

We often work with business executives on estate planning for stock option plans, retirement benefits, compensation plans, restricted stock and fringe benefits.¬† With private and closely held companies, careful, creative estate planning is required to achieve the client’s goals. We advise owners of such businesses on alternatives for transferring ownership and control to the next generation, and in solving liquidity concerns associated with estate taxes. Given Nevada’s cutting edge laws on matters regarding asset retention and unnecessary collection from creditors, we are cognizant how to structure estate planning to maximize asset retention in this generation and into the next. Instruments such Nevada’s Domestic Asset Protect Trust are part and parcel of these estate planning tools.